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China First National Willow Cultural and Art Museum Opened

[Source: , Author: Wickerchina (editting) 2011-11-24]
To demonstrate the historical and cultural connotations of China wickerwork, and enhance its visibility and influence of the “Capital of Wickerwork in China” and “Town of Willow”, this museum with a total area of 2600 square meters is launched this year.
History, materials, processes, products, development and prospects in six major exhibition are included inside it, and a comprehensive and multi-level, multi-forms of the development pattern of wicker weaving will be demonstrated to all visitors by text, pictures, objects, videos and high-tech information systems and other modern forms.
100 pieces of pictures in the form of pictures mixed with characters are served and 12 large special exhibits are displayed. And there are also more than 2000 kinds of antique wickerwork across the country on display (such as that for home decoration, decorating, gardening, packaging, etc.), a combination of set collection, research, appreciation and practicality.
In 2008, the county’s wickerwork industry realized an output value of 1.69 billion yuan; in 2009, wickerwork crafts exports reached 80 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 56% of the county’s total exports, and was awarded “Capital of Wickerwork in China” honorary title by China Arts and Crafts Association.
In recent years, as people’s consuming concepts have undergone great changes, more and more people advocating wickerwork crafts, making them a promising market future.

In pictures – Chinese wickerwork craft photo exhibition:
In 2011, an art exhibition named “Handcraft in the Rural” is held at National Art Museum of China in Beijing. One of the important parts is the China wickerwork craft exhibition.
Four Chinese characters woven with wicker and rattan
2 basket weavers from Linyi County, Shandong Province, are displaying wicker weaving techniques.
Fine and delicate handicrafts
Colorful wicker boxes and wicker baskets
Unfinished and finished wicker works (Chinese basket making)

Linshu wickerworks moving forward for GI certification trademark:
In October 20, “Linshu wickerwork” was approved by the State Administration for Industry and and Commerce to obtain the exclusive right to use, thus it now become an official GI certification trademark in Lishu City.
Linshu is the well recognized “Capital of China Wickerwork” and “Town of Salix integra in China”. Though weaving wicker is one of the traditional industries there, in the county, there’re 128 enterprises of wicker processing, 86 of who enjoy the self-determination right for import and export, and have employed more than 100,000. Roughly 1/3 of average annual wickerwork output value in China is created in Linshu County, and it is the leading export industry as well.
According to statistics, Linshu County’s wickerwork output value accounts for 58% in the industry this year, going against the raise on situation — In the first half of this year, exports of wickerwork crafts grew 11.1 percent over the same period last year, which account for more than 68% that of the city’s; wicker cultivation area is up to almost 7,200 hectares throughout the county with an annual output of 65 million kg dried wicker strips, and local farmers have income of more than 1 billion yuan from growing that, accounting for 20% of farmers’ total income.
Merchants go Linshu to buy dried wicker strips.
A store selling wickerwork baskets

Wheat straWheat straw craft is nurturing the new bright spot
In Tancheng County, Shandong Province, the wheat straw weaving industry is highlighted as a new bright spot in foreign trade and thousands of farmers have gotten rich. Currently, there are 21 leading leading enterprises that success in wheat straw weaving, with the annual export volume of more than 9 million U.S. dollars, whose products are sold in Japan, the United States, Italy, Australia of more than 30 countries and regions.
When it’s time to harvest wheat, wheat straw will be used as raw materials to weave wheat straw crafts that will be processed into fine pieces and exported abroad, until drying disinfecting them. In this way, farmers both avoid the environmental pollution caused by straw burning, and increase foreign exchange earnings.
In Tancheng County, Shandong Province, farmers are weaving craft with wheat straw being exported to Europe and America.
Source: , Author: Wickerchina (editting) 2011-11-24

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