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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve and Make Your Own Charm Bracelet With Fimo Clay

Working with Fimo clay to form gorgeous beads at home may be the simplest way to make charm bracelets, whether it is for individual use or if you wish to start up a small business. The possibilities can be limitless, as any colour, shade, size and shape is possible. With this selection of design possibilities, it is really up to your creative imagination to make your own eye-catching jewellery.

Fimo is really a brand label for a particular kind of polymer clay, produced by Eberhard Faber. This specific clay may be shaped into an assortment of various creative bracelet pieces. You then simply bake the clay in your home oven to form a hard, durable material that you can drill, slice, sand, and paint to achieve a stunning outcome.

You will not require much equipment; just an oven, some polymer clay, a cooking tray, a few tools to be able to shape as well as cut your clay, you can find specific clay instruments online. You do not even have to get your hands messy. You can choose to wear latex gloves to ensure you do not make a mess.

This kind of clay will be moulded into an assortment of many creations. You then simply bake the clay in your home oven to create a hard, durable substance that you can drill, slice, sand, as well as paint to achieve more creative effects. Because it is simple to work with, it is a popular technique to make your unique charm bracelets. Plus, it’s so inexpensive when compared with different clay substances that need special ovens for higher temperature baking.

The method of creating the bracelet components is not hard. Simply pinch off some of the clay, rub it in your hands and form it into the shape you want. You can form the clay in various different shapes, using a number of techniques as well as tools. There are no real limitations so you can let your creative juices flow. You can continue to work with the clay repeatedly until it’s heated within the oven.

It is simple to mix various colours of clay to create the bracelet parts. When you want to create a better art print or design onto the clay, try using a form. When the pieces are prepared, use a sewing needle or other sharp object to make various perforations so as to pass a string through easily following baking.

Moulding the clay involves firm pressure; nevertheless it retains its shape perfectly. It is best to work with when it is a bit warm, so if you are having difficulty getting it to cooperate, you might want to move to a warmer work area or warm your hands a little.

Spherical beads are easiest for people using Fimo for the first time, but you can easily learn to create beads that are square, star shaped, heart shaped or created to look like small animals. Floral shaped beads are also quite popular.

You will need to bake all of your Fimo clay designs to make them hard and shiny and also to ensure that they will keep their shape. This can be done in an ordinary oven with a baking sheet, but refer to the instructions on each packet of the product to make sure you get the temperature just right.

After the bracelet parts have been baked, you will need to finish them. This simply means polishing as well as buffing them so that they shine and look wonderful. Varnishing them with a small paintbrush will also give a terrific finish.

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