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Deep Sea Fishing Tactics That Work

The kind of fishing you can do when you go deep sea fishing can be exquisite because of the beauty and serenity of the open ocean. The sounds of the water slapping the sides of the boat, the seagulls calling one another, and the constant hope of catching the biggest fish you’ve ever caught before is right in your face!

Deep sea fishing can be tricky mostly because the sea itself is tricky.

The deep sea offers a lot to the fisherman that is out to catch the big one. If you are not experienced on the open sea at fishing, your best bet is to book a chartered trip. You won’t have to worry about the things that running a boat will entail and this will give you more time to focus on fishing.

Most chartered deep sea fishing trips are the best way way for any fisherman to go out to enjoy the sea unless you know someone who will operate your own boat and let you sit back and relax! On a chartered trip you won’t have to worry about bait or tackle.

All these kinds of things are supplied by the captain of the boat. You will only have to remember to bring along personal items like sunscreen and your clothing. Wearing the right sea clothes matters in the late evenings when things cool down and the breeze off the ocean starts to chill you to the bone.

Make sure you take along a jacket and wear waterproof shoes with a gripping tread for the slippery surface of the boat deck.

Catching the kind of fish you want is a trick of the bait. If you aren’t on a chartered trip, you will need to make sure you take along the right kind of bait for the the fish you are trying to catch.

Most live bait you take along will need to be taken care of and kept alive and well so that they will attract the fish. If your live bait begins to feel slippery more than usual or they act lethargic, chances are they won’t do you any good in catching fish.

Make sure to wash your hands every time before you handle your bait as this can waste them away because of oils on your hands and from everything on the boat that you have touched. If you apply sunscreen to your skin, make sure you wash your hands!

The kind of tackle you will need on the open sea will differ from that of sitting on the bank of a pond. You will need some really heavy duty rod and reels plus a doubly heavy test line for pulling in fish that are big and have a mouthful of teeth.

You are going to need to have a lot of line because the ocean is going to give a fish plenty of room to fight and pull that line. Over 200 yards of line is nothing out of the normal range for deep sea fishing. Use heavy duty hooks, too.

A hook that isn’t big enough or strong enough will be straightened like a stickpin in the jaws of some the fish in the deep sea.

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