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Why should you choose fashion industry as career?

So what does it take for one to be fiercer in approaching a career in fashion and being a stand out??

Our ‘fashion fundas’ will guide you through the sartorial world of stitching your own style and bringing together a whole new level of self confidence, giving advice on how to look your best, whether at home, at parties or at work and last but not the least even when you walk down the street for having a tea at the road side stall.

When it comes to a career in fashion , it’s more complicated than choosing what to wear for a job interview in the monotonous world of shirts, trousers and ties. But again it also doesn’t mean, that if you have those sparking red nail polish, tight skin fit jeans, and clumsy hair look; you are a pitch for glamour, it takes more than that and may be at times less than that.

Era is about how to dress every day to have the right impact on your employers, colleagues and clients, as well as feeling good about yourself and looking great while off work. It’s about confidence, grooming and professionalism without sacrificing style. However, style is by no means inherited, it’s always “created”

If you are someone who works as hard as me (and I do mean when I dare say it) there can never be a career uniform which cannot be attached with panache. But before we reach to that level the approach has to be checked to jingle in with the persona you possess. And primarily is becomes easy, when you know “what do I like”. Whether you like trendy items to be seen on you or more classy and versatile?? Not a bad time to search through different brands and catalogues to identify and relate you to.

Wait a minute; did we just talk about brands?? Well we did but for me fashion and look always comes with what you can carry off and relate yourself to with ease and approach. Precisely!! Donate yourself with whatever gives you a happy picture of your own when you click with shutter of your eyes, imagining the new you. After all who says being centre of attraction is bad, we surly want to be one, and could always be with channelizing our taste for clothes, shoes, accessories and a nice hair do.

Remember you can only create and set the trend provided you have flair of it inside you. To be a part of something, you need the urge and desperation to be like it. This is the 1st baby step towards making life out of it

“Don’t ever wear something that doesn’t make you feel beautiful. If you feel uncomfortable, everyone can see that. Being fashionable is being confident. One has to approach it with ease and understanding.

One’s own requirement. Fashion cannot be for one day and has to be a routine. Whether you are on ramp, in a party or on road” says Ace Model Amanpreet Wahi. Not a bad tip at all ehh. So, people time to FASHION UP.

Stay tuned as we bring more to you on this – SOON!

Sandeep Verma is expert fashion writer with having 10+years professional experience. You should look for the Latest Fashion Trend. Visit here for daily updated Fashion Industry latest news & style tips to across the world.

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