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Why Organic Gardening?

You’ve probably noticed that organic foods are becoming very popular. This is because many individuals are learning the benefits of organic foods. At first, it seemed as if ‘organic’ was a word used to describe an exotic type of food, but it is anything but. Some individuals would even steer clear of the organic foods section in their local supermarket because of the fact that these foods were different. But now, organic food is something that is found all over the supermarket. There is a section in produce designated for organic, but you will find these foods scattered all throughout the supermarket.

But what is meant by ‘organic’?

Well, it all starts with the gardening. Organic gardening is different than most methods that are currently used. In other words, the methods are different than the methods that are used to grow the rest of the fruits and vegetables in the produce section.

The methods

When you think about it, the methods that are used in organic gardening are the same as the metghods used before there were pesticides and fertilizers. In other words, the soil is organic. It has no chemicals in it. There are also nothing but organic fertilizers used on the crops. This means that there are no manmade chemicals used in the growing of these crops. Everything that is used to help them grow is 100% natural. This means that there are no pesticides and other chemicals being carried into your body when you eat them.

Unfortunately, crops raised using non-organic fertilizers and chemicals have shown evidence of being ingested by people. It is believed that these chemicals cause cancer and other illnesses because they are not natural to the body.

The benefits

The benefits of organic gardening are many. First of all, you are not taking in pesticides and fertilizers that may not have been washed off the vegetables. Second of all, organic farming is good for the earth. Without using non-organic fertilizers and pesticides, the ground is not being polluted with the chemicals.

Here are some other benefits you may find interesting:

– Organic farming involves using insects against insects to keep the crops from being consumed by pests. If lady bugs are released in the early spring, they will get rid of aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, mealybugs, and so much more.

– Disease can easily be prevented by using other organic products. Eco Oil is one of those products because it prevents disease that can be caused by insects and also keeps insects away.

– Because studies have shown that pesticide intake by children can be harmful, organic foods keep this from happening. This can prevent a lot of health problems in the future.

As you can see, organic foods are much healthier for you and your family. That is why you need to look for a label that says ‘organic’ when you are shopping in your supermarket. You can now find organic noodles, juices, and so much more. So not only are your fruits and vegetables organic, but so are other foods because of the use of organic ingredients.

It makes us wonder why it is we turned to other gardening means. Perhaps it is because organic gardening does require a higher degree of effort than the methods that are primarily used today. Although it takes more effort, it is the healthier choice for everyone. In a way, it gets us back to the roots of gardening in that there was a time in which the only way to garden was through organic means. The only thing missing at that time were the organic fertilizers and various other organic gardening tools. But it is about time that we do get back to our roots. Organic gardening allows that.

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