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Canadian Fishing Vacations: Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe In All Seasons

Fishing Lake Simcoe is one of the largest fresh water fishing lakes in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is often known as the fishing capital of Canada in spite of the fact that every winter the lake completely freezes over. The lake was once known as “Beautiful water” by the natives during the early seventeenth century. Today, it remains an attractive place for fishing all year round with an abundance of fresh water fish. A number of rivers like the Black river and creeks like Bluffs creek flow into the lake bringing with them a variety of delicious fish.

The lake is only a short drive from Toronto and is well known for a quality white fish bonanza and winter lake trout. The lake is shallow on the south side known as Cook’s End while the other side is extremely deep with a variety of marine life. The different types of weeds like eel grass and cabbage weed grow in the depths providing an excellent habitat for the fish to thrive and multiply.

When you go fishing in Lake Simcoe, be prepared to catch such fish as Walleye, Pike, Trout, and Ping among others. Here are just a few strategies and tips that you can follow to get the most out of your fishing experience on this beautiful and amazing lake.

If you are planning to catch Pike you need to first know what you are looking for. Pike are generally an aggressive fish and they will have a sharp edge to their head. You will also notice that they have very pronounced sharp teeth. You will also notice that when these fish take the bait they are very aggressive when you try to reel them in. Although they only nibble throughout the winter they are most generally very voracious eaters. You will usually find these fish about 2- 6 feet under the ice and they are generally following smaller fish around the water.

There are a few items that one must remember should you decide to take a fishing trip in the wintertime. Take warm clothing, a portable heater, water resistant gloves, and something to sit on while fishing. Make sure that you can be comfortable, because every fisherman knows that it may be a while before that first big bite. One of the most enjoyable parts in a fishing excursion is the anticipation of the catch.

When planning a trip during winter months or while participating in a winter tournament remember to take warm clothing, a portable heater, water resistant gloves and boots, and something to sit on while fishing like a pail so that you are comfortable during the long quiet wait until the fish catches.

Many fishing tournaments, like the Canadian Trap Attack, occur in the area during the month of March. Plan to participate in any of the tournaments that happen around the lake that are advertised online for reasonable prices. Angler fanatics often find many hints and techniques online while searching for fishing tourneys in Canada.

There are several tourist web sites that cater to the specific needs of Anglers. Always do a price comparison before opting for any particular site and always ask for a discount. Lake Simcoe is well known throughout Canada, and also a majority of the world, for being one of the best places to fish of any with similar renown. With its wild beauty and pristine wildlife, fishing Lake Simcoe holds promise to be one of the most memorable spots for any fisherman worth his salt. Happy fishing!

If you need to know about the fishing lake Simcoe , you need to search for them on the web. They have tons of web pages that can show you the lake and what kind of fishing lake Simcoe experience it will be.

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