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What are the Dog Toys you Should Avoid and Why?

All about toys that can harm dogs

Just because dog toys are easily available in any local pet stores it does not mean that they are safe for dogs. There are various toys that can turn hazardous for the dog yet most dog owners are ignorant of the harm these can cause.

Some toys that dogs should be kept away from include tennis ball, squeaky toys, plush toys, cat toys among others. Hence, it is every dog owner’s responsibility to select toys for their pooch keeping their safety in mind. Indian Pet Store is the ideal choice for all dog lovers. It is this pet store in India that makes available a wide variety of dog toys that are safe for dogs.

Toys for Dogs that should be avoided and why Tennis balls: these are dangerous especially for dogs belonging to large breeds as they can potentially swallow a tennis ball as they have large mouths. To add to it, the glue that has been used in these balls is likely to cause damage to a canine’s tooth enamel.Tug toys: these pet supplies can turn dangerous provided the canine already has an aggression problem. Never engage in tug toys with a dog as it may appear fun but the dog will get the toy away all the time. A dog owner must not let the canine feel dominant than him as this will result in problems. Those who are facing issues such as this at present must get rid of these dog toys immediately as this will also help them in getting rid of the aggression to some extent.Plush toys: Keep dogs away from plush toys as they are solely designed for children and not canines. Despite many treat their dogs as their children but they should never be entertained with toys that are meant for humans.Small toys: do not give pooches any small toy that is even smaller than the size of tennis ball as these if eaten can either choke dogs or harm their health. Two good examples include bouncy balls and marbles.Plastic toys: most of the dog toys that are available at any pet store in India have sharp teeth that can break and also sharpen it thereby causing possible damage and bleeding to the canine’s gums and teeth. To add to it, a broken toy is likely to cause suffocation to the dog. The dog may also swallow it and hurt his digestive track.Balloons: although balloons may seem fun for canines but they have a couple of drawbacks. When these balloons are popped they are likely to damage the canine’s ears, nose, eyes and mouth. On the other hand, when the remaining of the balloon is swallowed, they may harm the pooches’ digestive track and health.

Follow these tips while selecting the right dog toys and keep your furry friend in the pink of health. You can avail the benefits of some of the best pet supplies such as toys from Indian Pet Store, the most recommended pet store in India and that too at unbelievable prices. 

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