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New to Bonsai Gardening?

O.K. you worked out that Bonsai is concerned with miniature trees, even so you’ve got no idea about “Shakan – Chokkan – Moyogi”? Never fear, its not necessary to know the proper names of styles or tree types, for example Bonsai Juniper or Bonsai Japanese Maple. All you require to get under way is that you want to grow a bonsai plant as well as some basic knowledge.

To get under way in the engaging art of bonsai gardening, you will need some basic gardening skills, some elementary tools as well as supplies, a healthy dose of common sense and a touch of artistic flair.

If you have grown some plants in pots before – and have managed to keep them alive, healthy and looking good, then you already have the prerequisite skills for bonsai gardening. Apart from the actual techniques for keeping the plant compact, there really is not that much more to it!

There has been lot of material produced about the various methods, in fact you could never get through it all. But the point is that only a few tips are needed to achieve a really worthwhile result.

When you begin, the first task is just to keep your bonsai plant alive and at the same time looking like a plant! In this you will more than likely have mixed success. Even so don’t lose hope if you accidentally murder a plant or two. Its been done before and it will be done again. Thats just the way it is.

Over time and with experimentation you will get the hang of it. Along the way you will have great fullfillment at being the co-creator of such an extraordinary and beautiful living thing. It really can lift up your heart at times!

Sure, there are some things you will have to learn. But don’t try try to be an expert on everything all at once, just begin with the basics and go slowly. Start with a simple to grow plant for example bonsai juniper. Then study one or two things about bonsai handling (watering would be preferable first up) and put those one or two things into practice until you feel confident that you know what to do, and then carry on to the next one or two skills….and so on.

Over time you will be the one being asked for advice on growing bonsai plants.

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