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Tips on How to Care for Your Beloved Dog

Dog needs care, love, and attention. With good amounts of these, they will surely be healthier and happier, giving you more reasons to be happy as well. Proper care will also reduce any risk of sickness, diseases or injury that may come to your beloved pet. Make sure you put effort into knowing what is good and bad for your pet and understand their needs. Pets can’t vocalize or show what they need, feel, and want. Pet owners are, therefore, encouraged to find a good connection with their pets to be able to address what they can’t easily express.

Their basic needs include proper food, training, exercise, and grooming. Here are some tips to help you understand what your dog should have.


Table scraps are not food for dogs. Dogs need proper food you can buy in pet supplies online or local shops. There are also certain types of dog food fit for a dog’s age or size. Makes you know the right servings and frequency of serving for your dog’s particular age and size. Most dog food packages have helpful instructions on the right servings per day. You can also research further to know what certain foods your dog shouldn’t eat like chocolate, garlic, and fatty foods. Also, choose a high-quality brand of dog food to provide the best nutrients that he or she needs.


Perhaps, one of the most challenging parts of caring for a dog is making sure he or she defecates and urinates at the right place, at the right time. If you accomplish proper training early in the first 3 to 6 months, you might not have to worry about your dog’s nature calls until adulthood. If you see the pet sniffing around the floor seemingly looking for a spot, that’s an indication the pet needs to relieve himself. Take him outside if you have a backyard, garage or garden so he can be trained to relieve himself outside of the home. Do this every day at similar times in the day to train him properly and address to his needs. Once he has been used to relieving himself in one spot, he will find that smell again when he needs to. If he or she happens to do it at the wrong place, make sure you clean the spot completely to remove the smell that your pet might look for again.


Ever heard of dog walkers? They are hired people to walk dogs because that is how important walking and exercise are for dogs. They need to at least have 10-minute walks each day or a healthy level of playtime that will be good for their physical health. A good amount of fresh air, some sunlight, or a different environment once in a while can keep them happy. Make sure you walk them in safe environment and weather they can tolerate. Also, don’t forget use a leash when walking your dogs to keep them out of harm’s way.


Certain dogs are high-maintenance especially for breeds that have longer hairs. Their hair when left unkempt can be tangled and painful on the skin. This needs grooming and maintenance. During the summer months, many choose to keep their pet’s hair short for some comfort from the heat. Nails also need to be trimmed at the right length and not too short as it may be painful for the dog. Choose a professional dog groomer for this.

Tony Green is a big pet lover. He loves to write and share anything that has to do with caring for animals, especially domesticated ones. You can find pet supplies online at AussieVetProducts and find there some helpful tips in caring for your pet as well.

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