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Pet Travel Carriers: A Need When You’re Out And About

Whether you are taking a trip to your local veterinarian or a trip across country, how to transport your pets is always a consideration. The right pet travel carriers can make your journey less stressful for your beloved pets and less of a hassle for you. But what comprises perfect dog carriers, cat carriers, and bird carriers? That depends upon your preferences, but there are lots of available from which to choose.

Pet Wheeled Carriers

Typically, a pet wheeled carrier includes a handle that makes it an easy task to pull, and some convert to backpacks, car seats and beds. If you are looking for a multitasking wheeled dog carrier, make certain that it’s soft sided, is ergonomically contoured with padded shoulder straps, and includes a safety strap that hooks up to your dog’s collar. Most significantly, be certain to buy the proper size: small pet carriers are usually ideal for dogs up to 8 pounds; medium pet carriers are great for dogs up to 15 pounds; and large holds dogs as much as 30 pounds.

Front Pet Carriers

A front pet carrier is a styled like a vest, and lets you carry your pet hands-free wherever you go. Pet front carriers are perfect for virtually any small animal, from dogs and cats to rabbits and ferrets. You can cuddle your pet in the kangaroo pouch of a pet front carrier and keep your animal near your heart.

When shopping for a pet front carrier, search for one with adjustable shoulder straps, a waist strap for stability, a safety leash collar attachment, along with a firm padded bottom to keep your pet comfortable. If your pet likes to “hang loose,” models have openings for legs and the tail.

Pet Travel Carrier Totes

These days, of course, pet totes are extremely popular, and you can choose from amongst any number of utilitarian or designer pet carriers. From those made out of straw to those made from faux crocodile leather, there is a designer pet carrier to accentuate every outfit in your wardrobe. When buying for a pet tote, make sure to select one that is easy to open and that has proper ventilation. Gripper feet on the bottom assist keep the tote from sliding around, whilst an extra pocket comes in handy for holding pet essentials.

Bird Carrier

If you are a bird owner, have you ever thought of taking your bird on an outdoor adventure? Backpack bird carriers are smaller than birdcages, but allow you to take your pet on hikes, bike rides, and boating trips, and also to the veterinarian. When shopping for bird carriers, look for a strong, stainless steel cage with detachable and replaceable perches. Make sure that the shoulder straps are padded for your comfort, and that the cage door loads from the back for additional safety.

Pet travel carriers are a need, but they can also put some style and adventure to your life. On top of that, you will be able to take Max or Princess with you to more places than ever!

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