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Fly Fishing Basics – Getting Started

Fishing is a popular hobby that if you do not already know someone who has a deep passion for it, you are probably not knowing enough people! This hobby is especially prevalent around the coastal area or a region with a lot of lakes. Fly fishing on the other hand, is not a new type of sport, it is just a variation of fishing that people has come to like.

While you might be frightened by the thought of it, it is actually very easy to learn and pick up, once you’ve understood some of the basics you are almost ready to hit the lake and get started! This article will talk about some of the basics you need to know.

The first thing you want to understand that there is a difference between the rods used in fly fishing and just normal fishing. You will normally find that fly fishing rods are taller and thinner in general, and they are actually heavier than your normal rods. This is especially true for those rods used in catching saltwater fishes.

Next you want to know is that the reel is also different from your regular reel, as such make sure that you understand the differences between the two and make the purchased only when you are sure, as getting the wrong equipments can make fly fishing harder than it needs be.

Fly fishing also requires a different type of fishing line, the lines used in fly fishing are comparably larger and more visible when in the water, as such you want to make sure you’re using the correct lines. When picking which type of fishing line to use, be sure to take into consideration of the type of fish you’re trying to catch, some lines will float and some will not, therefore understand how the fish behavior can be beneficial in this case.

The bait for fly fishing is also different from your normal living baits, as usually artificial ones are used over the living ones. They will be tied to the end of your fishing line with a tippet, which is just a monofilament line. When picking your lures, be sure to take into account of the insects that lives around the area to better recreate and trick the fishes into thinking that it’s meal time! This way you will be more successful in your fishing trips.

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