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Landscaping Products and Supplies

Landscaping and gardening products can be used to improve the look of any garden or outdoor area. This article explains some of the most common types of landscaping products and supplies that are currently available on the market, and it provides some information on how to find a landscaping supplier in your area.

Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawns are a convenient and inexpensive way to have a beautiful green lawn. Artificial lawns will save you time and money as they do not require any watering or any upkeep. They will also provide a healthy looking lawn all year round whatever the weather. Artificial laws are particularly good for areas that receive a large amount of footfall as they will not wear over time. Common uses include around swimming pools, in childrens playgrounds and on sports fields.


It is possible to purchase bags of sand from a landscaping and garden supplier. Sand can be used to mix cement and paving, rendering, dressing, leveling, drainage or for use in sandpits and bunkers. Popular types of sand include brickie sand, plaster sand, white sand, lawn sand, fill sand and river sand.

Stones and Gravel

Stones and gravel are used to fill driveways or to provide decoration in garden areas. Common types of gravel include crushed brick gravel, road base, rainbow stones, blue metal, crushed limestone and a special builders mix. Pebbles and larger rocks can be used to decorate garden borders, or to be placed around garden features, such as ponds.


Soils are an essential part of any landscaping project. The type of soil that you choose should depend on the project that you are working on and what it is being used for. Some types of soil that can be purchased include garden blend soil, lawn dress and effective brew soil. Blended manures and composts can be used to improve the condition of the existing soil.


Kerbing is used to create neat border areas, and it can also be placed around trees or other garden features. It is available in a range of colours to complement any type of garden. Straight and curved kerbing is also available to purchase.

Water Features

Water features will add a lovely focal point to any garden area. A simple bird bath will not only look attractive, but it will also attract more wildlife into the area. Other water features can include small ponds, tiered water features, fountains, pots and rock wall water features. You can also build your own rockery at home.

Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are a fun way to add some features into your garden. Popular garden ornaments include statues of wildlife, gargoyles and garden gnomes.

The best places to purchase any of the above supplies is from a specialist garden and landscaping retailer. You can find retailers in your area by searching for them online. They will have the largest selection of products, and they will also have knowledgeable staff who will be able to help you to make the right choice.

Landscaping products are used to improve the looks of a garden and outdoor areas. Buy products like artificial lawn, sand, soils, stones and gravel, etc. at reasonable rates. Click here to know more.

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