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Archive for May 2017

Fun Outdoor Activities

There are many things to do when it comes to fun outdoor activities. They can vary depending on the number of people involved, the space available and interests of the participants. Let’s discuss some common and not so common options. One of the most popular outdoor activities for groups of people is most likely a…

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Pets With Sparkle – Charms For Your Pet.

Some people think that dogs and cats are pretty enough as they are without any other adornment. Personally I feel that pets are a bit like people; some look great natural style others can look pretty fancy with a bit of sparkle. An obvious way to give your dog or cat a little definition is…

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Want to be a Style Icon, Wear Biker Jewelry

Biker jewelry is less conservative than other types of jewelry, and it is easy to identify it among various types of jewelry. The reason may be its manly look, because it is made with heavy metals, often sterling silver. The combinations of leather and other heavy metals are used in it, to create a wild,…

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