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It Is Formal – Eco Friendly Products Commercial Production Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motor Vehicles For Sale

Eco friendly products such as cars are truly a proof of our planet’s interest for the environment.Indeed, there have been a couple of commercial hydrogen fuel cell assembly cars built (such as by Honda and Daimler) but they have been for rent and never for sale. Yesterday I talked about hydrogen fuel cell Sysco forklifts along with palette trucks run by Plug Power Gendrive solutions perhaps being the very first commercial production hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for sale in the marketplace.

This was validated yesterday by Plug Power’s Teal Vivacqua and Sysco VP Gary M. Mills. Ok, maybe forklifts and palette trucks are not as sexy as hydrogen cars. And perhaps the truth that they work inside a warehouse away from the general public eye also makes a distinction combined with the fact that not everyone will have one.

But, that is nevertheless an important milestone within the advancement of hydrogen motor vehicles. The thing is many people think that the first hydrogen energy cell car of record had been the 1966 General Motors Electrovan. And, they would be right.

However, the very first hydrogen energy cell motor vehicle in fact predates this by 7 years. The first hydrogen energy cell vehicle in record was a 1959 Allis-Chalmers farm tractor, created by Harry Karl Ihrig.

This shows a couple of things. First, the challenge of positioning hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road is really a much more monumental endeavor than putting other vehicles in action, due to the supporting infrastructure that should be built for vehicles.

Second, fleet motor vehicles like forklifts and palette trucks prove the notion that hydrogen energy cell motor vehicles are practical not only from an environmental perspective but from an economical perspective also.

And just when you think that Plug Power’s very first hydrogen fuel cell production motor vehicles for sale in the marketplace in Texas is enough news, they’re making even more news today. Plug Power will be broadening its product sales of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts as well as palette trucks at the Walmart distribution center within Alberta, Canada.

In case you seriously care about your future, be eco friendly. All of us could do this by utilizing eco friendly products and engaging in environment helpful pursuits. We only have one world to exist in so let us stand up for it!

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