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Comparing Nutro Pet Foods & Natural Balance For Quality & Price.

How healthy is Nutro compared to other brands?

To be honest Nutro is a poor man’s healthy recipe, as they use meal instead of real meat pieces.

Many brands these days use human grade ingredients, which Nutro does not.

There is no way it can be described as human grade dog food.

While it is true that they may cost more, the market is filled with other healthier dog foods as an alternative to a brand like Nutro.

Natural Balance dog food is my recommendation. It is also priced very reasonably.

Nutro is not in the same category as Natural Balance or Blue Buffalo dog food, which use higher grade ingredients.

Nutro is much closer in quality to the dog food brands made by Waltham like Cesar, Chappie, and Pedigree.

Like Nutro, Waltham focuses on both nutrition and convenience.

Nutro is cheap to buy, but you may pay more in the long run than you would giving your dog Natural Balance dog food.

The best nutrition that you can give your dog is provided by Bones and Raw Food frozen dog food.

The BARF diet may require too much work for some people, and these dog owners have a good alternative in Natural Balance premium dog food, as it contains only the freshest, high quality, human grade ingredients.

This food is rich in nutrients; it is made with protein from top quality meat sources and includes none of the following: by-products, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, artificial flavors, artificial colors, sugars, or artificial preservatives.

Nutro cannot compete with this as it does use wheat, and its ingredients are not human quality meat.

The dog food made by Wysong far surpasses the nutrition provided by Nutro–they go so far as to include cage-free pheasant in their formula, and its dried meat products contain an amazing meat content of 99.9%.

The $ 14 price tag, however, can be off putting.

On a serious note, dog food comparisons must take into account the food recalls of recent news.

Good news for Nutro, pet food recalls did not affect any of its dry products.

The recalls did, however, effect many of Nutro’s canned dog foods, as well as their feline lines.

About the author: Rebecca Foxton wants to help you bring your pet brilliant health with Fortiflora. Check out her health tips for pet owners, and read her healthy dog treats articles on Dog Buffs.

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