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Tips and tricks for your fishing trip in Dubai

These fishing techniques will help you not only to catch fish, but other under water creatures such as squids, molluscs, crab, and tortoise. In the deep sea waters of Dubai, these tips will come in handy as the sea is particularly harsh. Hand gathering, trapping, angling, netting and spearfishing are some of the common techniques of fishing. Different techniques are suited to different weather conditions. Thus, unlike popular belief, there is no one best way of catching fish. More so in Dubai, where each sea has different kind of waves and atmosphere. Thus a quick knowhow of these techniques will be handy in the deep waters of Dubai:

1. Hand Fishing: If you want to catch some clams or crabs, rush out to the Dewa water breaks of Dubai and use this easiest and simplest method of fishing. Just feed the fishes some worms by hand, and the calm waters of Deva will do the rest.

2. Spear Fishing: Although rarely seen in Dubai, this is one of the oldest methods of fishing. Visibility in the water is the key for this method. Some other common methods of fishing are Bow fishing, Gigging, Harpoons & Slinging . Ajman is a good location if you want to try out this method.

3. Netting: One of the most effective ways to catch fish in large quantity, this method has been described by Oppian ( Greek author in 180 A.D.) as a trap¬†“which work while their masters sleep” Commercial fishing makes use of this method consistently. A stroll into the markets of Dubai and you will find different kinds of nets. The Chinese fishing nets, Lampuki net, Casts, Drift nets, Gill nets and Hand nets are some of the many examples that can be quoted. To try out netting, you are advised to head out to Hamriya Freezone and Kempenski canal in Dubai.

4. Angling: This method uses an angle’ or a hook, as it is popularly known . Towards the end of the hook is a wire called ‘line’ which is also attached to a ‘sinker’ to weigh it down. Worms are used as bait to attract fishes. Often fishermen use a reel to pull heavy catches by rolling the line over it. The waters of Deva, JBR and Ghantout will promise you an awesome experience in angling.

When you talk about fishing in Dubai, just these fishing tips won’t do; you will have to dwell deep into the intricate link between fish behavior and the seasons round the year to get a better understanding. Just as a small example, King fish is found in abundance from October to December, whereas the Tuna is found only in February & March; and the Barracuda & Grouper is January to March. Thus, apart from these techniques, knowledge about fish behavior and hunting for the right kind of fish in the right season is the secret recipe to success when it comes to fishing in the clear waters of Dubai.

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