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A Backpack Pet Carrier is Fun for Your Pet

A backpack pet carrier is the perfect product for someone who owns a small animal. You wear the pack on your back, while comfortable and secure restraints keep your pet safely inside the device. The shoulder and waist straps ensure even weight distribution to make it easy to manage and comfortable for you, too. So why would you give up on leashes and collars and use a carrier instead?

Rain and snow: Your pup’s paws don’t need to get wet, or be exposed to snow, ice and road salt, except during potty times when absolutely necessary. You can enjoy the cool weather, or that springtime rainy-day walk while your animals’ paws stay dry and comfortable. And he’ll stay comfortable and warm no matter what the weather, since he’s against your body. It might provide extra warmth for you, too!

Long walks, hikes or bike rides: Sure, it’s great to walk your pet, but smaller animals have to take several steps to amount to one human step. Going for a healthy walk is one thing, but if you plan to go for miles, think of your dog’s paws. If the trip is going to be very long, a backpack pet carrier offers your pooch a rest and the comfort of a nice ride for at least part of the journey. Especially if you’re biking, your pet won’t have to run to keep up the entire time, but you can still enjoy some quality time together.

Older or disabled animals: As your pooch ages, mobility becomes more difficult, just as it does for older people. Arthritis is a common problem. While regular walks are important to help combat the effects of aging, there might be times when being carried is the best option for your pooch. What better way than with a backpack pet carrier?

Hands-free: If you carried your pooch in your arms, you couldn’t ride a bike or do very much of anything. With a backpack pet carrier, your hands are free and your pet is comfortably carried on your back. You can do almost anything you would normally do without worry.

Safe and secure: If you hold your animal and it wants to chase something, you know it’s not that easy to hang on to it. They tend to wriggle free much easier than one would think. And tragedy could strike as the animals runs away, either getting lost or dashing into traffic. But a backpack pet carrier keeps your dog or cat securely harnessed inside, preventing disaster before it happens. During car travel, many backpack pet carriers double as car seats which allow your pet to be strapped into a seatbelt for maximum safety. A few are even approved carry-on luggage at some airlines.

Comfy: A backpack pet carrier is designed to offer your four-legged friend lots of comfort, and it’s meant to be comfortable for you, too. Your pup can often sit, stand or lie down, depending on the model and the amount of cushioning and raising you add to the bottom. The device is lightweight with adjustable and cushioned straps to make it as comfortable for you as it is your pooch.

A backpack pet carrier is designed to protect your four-legged friend, offer you maximum comfort, and and resist stains while looking stylish in a variety of materials. In addition to those carried on the back, there are other models in different styles like sling, tote and pouch styles. A backpack pet carrier is appropriate for animals 25 pounds and under, and as we’ve shown, an excellent traveling accessory for older and disabled animals. But any small animal can enjoy the experience, and so will you.

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