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Closet Organizers for Clothing and More

For obvious reasons, protecting precious heirlooms is very important to many people. It is natural to want to keep family treasures for a long time in order to one day pass onto your children. Holding on to heirlooms can help to keep family memories and traditions alive for generations to come. Jewelry organizers are the best way to protect heirlooms from damage and loss. They can also make it much easier for you to retrieve specific jewelry pieces that you want to wear for special occasions.
Small and large leather bound ring boxes can safely store anywCloset organization is important for anybody who wants an efficient, well kept home. Anyone who has struggled with cluttered, unorganized closets will tell you that it is a major headache. When your closet isn’t organized, you’re forced to waste time searching for the clothes, shoes and accessories you need every single day. Luckily, there are easy solutions to save you time and get your closet back in working order.

There are plenty of products out there that can help you get your clothing, shoes and other closet items in order, but finding the right one for your needs can be a little tricky. But with a few smart purchases, you can solve your storage problems and get your entire closet in order fast.

Clothing Organization

Clothes pose the first major obstacle to any closet organization challenge. It’s so easy for clothing to accumulate and overtake your entire closet. Before you know it, it’s almost impossible to find what you need when you need it. But using a product such as the Hang Max can take care of your clothing storage problems fast. The Hang Max is a simple system that allows you to put a plastic bag over a hanging item and then suck all of the air out of the bag to compress the clothes and fit them into a smaller space.

This is an amazing tool for saving space, but when it comes to storing seasonal items over a long period of time, the product simply cannot be beat. The clothing will take up half the space and be protected from dust, moisture and other household wear and tear.

A similar product, the Stack Max, is an equally convenient organizational tool. It’s ideal for folded items such as some bulky sweaters, blankets and anything else you need to fold and store. The Stack Max can compress items to a much smaller size to free up valuable space in your closet.

Using these products will do wonders to clear valuable space in your closet. With all the extra space you’ll save, it will be easy to stay neat and organized.

Shoe Organization

Shoes are another problem that countless people face when it comes to closet organization. Just about everybody needs a wide variety of footwear. From formal pumps, tennis shoes and boots to sandals and slippers, there really is a shoe for every occasion and activity. Over the years, you can accumulate a massive amount of footwear that can take over your closet. It becomes increasingly difficult to locate and access the shoes you’re looking for, which leads to daily frustration and hassle.

Organizational tools like clear shoe boxes can be a great solution. These convenient, stackable boxes keep your shoes visible, accessible and organized. This is an easy and inexpensive and way to store all of your shoes.
Other products like an over the door shoe organizer allow you to hang your shoes in vertical pouches on your door, making them easy to reach. This is a perfect place to store shoes that you use frequently. Under the bed storage racks and angled shoe racks can provide similar solutions by helping to keep your shoes accessible and organized.

Accessory Organization

The problem of accessories is a little tougher. It can be hard to find the perfect spot for these small items without adding to clutter. Boxes are often too bulky and difficult to access. Hangers can work, but you often end up with scarves and other small accessories strewn across your closet floor. And shelves just don’t quite get the job done. But grab an accessory hanger, and your organization struggles are over. These special hangers are compartmentalized with pegs and other hanging devices to easily store all of your accessories. Or, try using an over the door jewelry mirror and armoire to conveniently store your necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in one easy to reach place.

Using these products to solve your closet storage needs will do wonders for the efficiency of your household. The basic principles that come into play here can be applied to linen closets, bedroom closets and general storage closets as well. In the end, it all comes down to finding a way to maximize unused space.

The Hang Max and Stack Max products can save you the extra space taken up by air, while the shoe organizers free up limited floor space, the back of your door, and the space under your bed. Accessory organizers can eliminate unwanted closet clutter quickly to help you stay organized. In the end you will be left with an efficient, well organized closet that will help you save time and energy every single day.

here from just a few rings to a hundred or more rings to help protect and keep them organized. Plush fabric jewelry organizers are another great option. These pretty additions sit atop dressers and can protect and organize a variety of different shape and size jewelry. Jewelry boxes containing a large inner storage compartment, as well as pull-out drawers, provide you with even more organized storage and protection for your jewelry.
An earring case can help keep earring sets together with their backings. Instead of having to make your way through a pile of mostly mismatched earrings use an organizer so that you can see all of your earring choices at a glance and choose the pair of earrings you wish to wear. Folding earring racks make great organizers as well and take up very little space when closed.
It can be frustrating how necklaces laid flat in a jewelry box often become tangled with one another. And even when they do not, they can be hard to pick up, even more so with freshly painted fingernails. A necklace tower solves this problem keeping necklaces organized and protected from becoming entangled with other necklaces and breaking.
Of course, many necklaces come with a matching bracelet. For these pieces of jewelry, a bracelet/necklace organizer would be useful for helping to keep them together in an orderly fashion and to protect them from dust in the air.
A lighted bedside jewelry organizer can help you to organize the jewelry that you wear everyday and to find them easier as you are dressing on those mornings when you arise before the sun does.
Door hanging jewelry organizers are catching on with women having less storage space than desired. Many of these organizers have mirrors so that you can put on your jewelry and fix your hair all in one place before heading out the door.
Traveling with jewelry can be a hassle. This is a typical scenario: You take off your jewelry to go for a swim and put it into your purse. Later on you have to take all of the contents out of the purse in order to find your jewelry you placed in there earlier!
A far worse scenario that has happened to many men and women is removing a wedding band or other cherished piece of jewelry before showering only to have it slip down the drain. You can avoid much of the hassle of traveling with your jewelry and keep your jewelry out of your hotel room’s sink drain with travel jewelry organizers. They are available as roll packs that take up less space in a suitcase or purse and as cases and boxes with carry handles.
Large heirloom jewelry collections can be organized and protected by storing them in mirrored wall jewelry armoires. These organizers can really enhance the beauty of a bedroom too. Free-standing heirloom jewelry room armories are elegant organizers for your family treasures as well.
You may want to insure very expensive pieces of jewelry against theft and loss (take photographs and video images of all your jewelry and keep those records in a safe place). It is also a good idea to move precious heirloom gems and other jewelry to a hidden wall safe in your home or your bank safety deposit box for greater security.
There are heavy jewelry boxes with key locks available that weigh as much or more than other bedroom furniture. These furniture pieces can be the only thing that would deter a thief from stealing your jewelry.
Jewelry organizers are a great gift idea that you can find in styles for both men and women. If you would like to make your gift of a jewelry organizer even more meaningful, personalize it with the recipient’s name on it.
Take care of your precious heirlooms with jewelry organizers. Protect your family treasures so that you can enjoy them now and future generations of your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Nick Kakolowski is a freelance writer who writes about staying organized, often discussing specific products such as closet organizers.

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