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Netherland City Of Magnificent Museums

Netherlands is situated in the northwestern Europe. It is also nicknamed as Holland with its name is derived from a Dutch word Nederland. The spoken language of Netherland is Dutch which is derived from Diets Amsterdam is the capital of Netherland.

Places To Visit
Some of the best tourist destinations to be visited in Netherland are:

1. Kroller Moller Museum
The Kroller Moller museum is located in the Hoge Velwe national Pak. It is basically a kid’s destination where you have cycling facilities. The museum consists of paintings and scripts.

2. Burgers’ Zoo
The zoo is the most visited one as it is very amusing to see the animals roaming about I the open space. The kids are fascinated to see a variety of animals.

3. Children’s animal farms
It is a very famous kid’s destination where the kids can enjoy the animals and also feed them. They can enjoy their company by patting them and providing food. And the best part is that it is free of cost.

4. Delft
It is a historical town with riveting monuments and houses. One can reach there via train from Amsterdam. It is rightly called the “Old Holland” as it has still preserved the culture of its ancient belongings.

Best Time To Visit
The tourist season in Netherland begins from April and ends in October. It is the peak season as most of the visitors come during this season. The climate is sunny as well as cool.

How To Reach
The transport facilities are very well developed in Netherland. The airports are full fledged together with rail and road transport.

Hotels To Stay

1. Hotel De L’Europe
The guests are provided various amenities such dial up phone, hair dryer, fridge, sauna and laundry are provided to all the guests. It is a fantastic holiday destination where you can enjoy numerous outdoor sports and

2. InterContinental Amstel Hotel
It is a classic luxury hotel which embraces the spirit of the city with its blue skies and stunning cityscapes. The hotel is packed with marble, crystal, and works of art; the hotel offers guests immaculate services.

3. The College Hotel
The hotel has a very cozy atmosphere so one can spend peaceful nights. The food offered by them is of high quality as well as tasty. The staff is very friendly and they make sure that their guests are comfortable.

So quickly pack your bags and enjoy the trip to this sizzling place.

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