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Shimano Tyrnos: The Shimano Reel For Offshore Fishing

It is the start of summer and you have loads of plans. Actually, there is only one thing you plan to do this summer, you just intend on doing lots of it: fishing. Every cell in your body seems to be yearning for the wide open sea, the salt spray, the excitement of the catch, and even the dull vibrations of the motorboat. Will this summer bring you the big one? Bring the Shimano Tyrnos with you and rest assured that you would get quality performance from this Shimano reel.

The Shimano Tyrnos is one of the latest conventional Shimano reels used for offshore fishing. Let me just make a few comparisons about its features with the other conventional Shimano reels on the market. It has the Aluminum frame the Shimano Tiagra is known for and the Graphite Sideplates that make the Shimano TLD light and nimble. These two combine to make the Shimano Tyrnos a durable, well-aligned, and light reel optimal for offshore fishing. Like the Shimano Tiagra, TLD, and Torsa, the Tyrnos has a lever drag to lessen or even completely do away with lever movement due to boat’s motor vibrations. The lever drag has a pre-programmable range which lets you set the Strike button to a specific pressure from an almost unlimited range. You can shift from Strike to Full and any pressure in between these two. The Shimano Tyrnos also has an ergonomic power handle similar to the ones found on the Tiagra, Trinidad, and Torsa for a comfortable, non-slip grip that provides increased torque. Common to all the conventional reels made by Shimano are the aluminum spool, anti-rust bearings, and the clicker.

This informative guide on the Shimano Tyrnos was sponsored by Sea Isle Tackle: – the Shimano Tyrnos is a great off-shore fishing reel – do you like offshore fishing? We at Sea Isle do, and we highly recommend this fishing reel. Not only can the Tyrnos be used for OFf-shore fishing, it can be used in freshwater, angling, deep sea, and much much more!

Several unique features distinguish the Shimano Tyrnos from the rest of the reels produced by Shimano. Unlike most other conventional Shimano reels which have a super stopper with assist stopper for anti-reverse, the Shimano Tyrnos has an alternating anti-reverse twin pawl which gives you hooksetting power for very little backplay. The reduced profile top crossbar found in Tyrnos models 20 and 30 give you tremendous line control when dropping lures or back baits when trolling. And oversized gears afford immense cranking power while an oversized handle shank gives increased torque.

The Shimano Tyrnos has 6 available models: TYR8, TYR10, TYR12, TYR16, TYR20, and TYR30. Line capacity, full and strike max drag, and model unit weight increase with the corresponding increase in model number. The Tyrnos also has a 2-Speed model which lets you shift easily form high to low gear by just pressing a button. With this innovation, you can have the cranking power of a reel in low gear and the speed needed in moving a lure or clearing a trolling pattern on a hook-up in high gear.

Off-shore fishing just got better with the Shimano Tyrnos. Sea Isle Tackle has sponsored this article on the Tyrnos.

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