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Deep sea fishing in Mauritius: Where, why, when?

When you go to Mauritius and explore its oceans, you would notice two things. Firstly, the water around this island is almost completely transparent and often helps you probe into its underlying secrets. Secondly, the sea is full of fishes of a beautiful and diverse assortment.

Hence, we are not sinning when we say that you would be a fool to say ‘no’ to deep sea fishing during your trip. Mauritius tourism acts like a Pied Piper for fishing enthusiasts and pulls in adventurers, travelers and underwater explorers from countries far and wide. Anyone who loves to fish automatically gets lured to travel to this country and take part in angling and fishing.
Just in case, you are wondering why we are rhapsodizing about this island’s fishing sites, here we present some of those delicious variety of fishes which you can fawn upon:

– Tuna (truly the inviolable star attraction of Mauritius’ waters)
– Marlin (another marquee player)
– Wahoo (a rare creature which inhabits these waters)
– Shark (the crowd-puller, the one who make the box office jingle with their dreaded ‘jaws’)
– Sailfish (popular in these parts)
– Bonito (we haven’t quite heard of them, but you see Mauritius tourism guide is all about ‘meeting the unknown’)

When is the best time to go fishing in Mauritius:

Mauritius’ waters are teeming and frothing with fishes throughout the year. Frankly my dear, you can always sink your hooks into these blue oceans and come out with some prized scalps. However, there are certain seasons where certain varieties of fishes are more abundant and hence easier to spot.
For instance, if you are after the Tuna, then the best time to travel to this island would be during the months of March-May. On the other hand, if you are chasing the Marlin, then we suggest that you book a Mauritius holiday package somewhere around November-March. Again, if Wahoo is what your heart is pining for, then September should be the perfect time to spot them. However, be warned, the Wahoo is a swift swimmer and you will have a hard time netting one in.

Where to fish in Mauritius:

Frankly, my dear, Mauritius is such a heavenly tropical water-filled island that you won’t face any dearth of fishing sites. There are a number of proclaimed deep sea fishing centers where you can even get training or hire equipments or fish with professionals. Nevertheless, some popular sites would be those around the Grand Riviere Noire, Grand Baie, Flic en Flac, Le Pirogue and Trou Aux Biches.

So, do not delay! Grab a Mauritius package now, before someone else runs away with your fishes! Because frankly my dear, they don’t build a dam. (poor joke): P

Author is a traveller and adventure seeker and loving her work roam around a number of travel destinations around the world. Currently she is responsible for writing about Mauritius holiday package and Mauritius tourism Guide.

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