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Professional lawn maintenance tips for the growing season

The real work in lawn health care is done between spring and summer. The rest of the year is about trying to minimise the impact of adverse weather on lawns. There are several different techniques and routines that different gardeners go through. Each person finds their own ways of sorting their garden that suits them.

In addition it can be seen that each hobbyist does things in their own way, but the main activities are essentially no different. A number of gardening procedures are absolutely needed when gardening in summer and spring. This content looks to bring up the most important procedures that need completed so you can plan accordingly.

First off you want to make sure that your ground is ready for growth. This means making sure the soil has the appropriate nutrients it needs for growth. Normally nutrients would be placed into the ground by falling debris in autumn. However as gardeners we usually clear away this which is essentially taking nutrients out of the normal cycle. Therefore we need to replace these lost nutrients.

In flower growth areas the process is easy, you just dig up the soil and mix in fresh fertiliser. This ensures that new fertiliser can add goodness to the old worn out earth. This process is not as easy for garden grass. This is due to the fact that you can’t rotate the lawn and place new earth underneath, not without a lot of bother. In order to fertilise your garden grass an operation called top dressing is undertaken.

Top dressing is the process of scattering a small amount of compost on top of the turf. There are two ways this can be done by hand or by machine. Your choice will be subject to the amount of time you have and the volume of turf you have. Spreading by hand takes a long time but it also saves you the expenditure of purchasing or hiring a spreader or top dresser.

When you want to go through this process manually the best thing to do is get a bucket and a trowel. This way you can take one trowel of fertiliser at a time and scatter it over the lawn evenly in sections. This can be a difficult process to get right, primarily due to making sure the fertiliser is spread evenly across your lawn.

The use of a machine based top dresser is a lot simpler. It is a case of inserting the fertiliser into the hopper and pushing the unit over your lawn evenly. This will result in a positive and even spreading of earth which will ensure the lawn is properly covered.

Being certain that your yard is nutrient rich and will encourage growth in spring is important. Lawn grass and flowers need correct conditions to flourish from when the season begins. The process is about putting down the right preparations in advance. Putting down fertiliser after plant-life is growing will mean it never achieves its full potential.

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